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An entire month has whizzed by before I even had the chance to register. Then it occurred to me, it’s exactly one month today that I started this little blog of mine! So I thought it might be rather cathartic to have a look at a few things I’ve discovered in my short time in the blogging world…

  1. It Takes TIME

I didn’t realise just how time consuming building a blog would be. When I first created my blog, I naively thought I’d be whipping up around five or six posts a week, each filled with gorgeous, artsy photos, interesting and varied content and the odd witty quip here and there. I was definitely wrong. Writing is a creative outlet that can’t be forced or rushed, plus I have a full time job, so it’s bound to be a slower process than initially suspected. I’m learning, “slow and steady wins the race” and all that jazz.

  1. I’m Still Confused

I won’t lie; WordPress is still a bit of an enigma to me. My blog doesn’t look exactly how I’d like it to, there are major limits to my technical capabilities and what I can achieve from my theme. I don’t have the budget for a web designer and I have to accept that. The Monica Gellar inside me is always going to struggle when things don’t look like the exact image I’ve conjured up in my mind, but this is still a learning curve and I need to find my Zen. Seriously.

  1. I Am Not Succinct

I love a good ramble. I was aware that in my general day to day existence, I talk A LOT. I could talk the leg off a chair. That being said, I do find it easier to gather my thoughts in writing and thought I got to the point a lot quicker in text format than what I do verbally. Oh contraire, my friends! My blog posts are insanely long at times and I cut SO MUCH out before publishing them. I’m not gifted when it comes to saying a lot with a little.

  1. Writing Makes Me Happy

I’ve always found writing to be incredibly therapeutic and it has always been something I’ve loved to do, but having this blog gives me a proper incentive. We’re all guilty of doing less of what we want to, especially when we come home knackered from a long day at work, so I’d gone months without writing anything more substantial than a shopping list. This blog is the perfect reason to get tapping away at the computer and allowing some excess thoughts escape my mind.

  1. I’m Looking Forward

I’m incredibly happy to say that I’ve found this entire month of blogging to be wholly positive: it has given me a newfound optimism and outlook. I feel less bogged down by work and the fact that my day job isn’t what I want to be doing and it’s not where my passions lie. I find myself less irritated when I check the clock at work and see I still have a few hours to get through before home time. I feel creative and passionate about making my blog the best it can be. I’m definitely looking forward to where this may take me and how happy a little old blog can make me!

What have you learned through blogging? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Jess XO


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