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Hellooo, everyone! I hope you’re all fine and dandy. I’m sure you’ve ALL seen the blogs, vlogs and countless Instagram posts about that little blue pot of pure, pink Australian clay. Every video and photo promises instant results and flawless, no-filter-needed skin. But does it really work? I ordered some from the Birchbox shop to put it to the test…

This cruelty free face mask is a 4-in-1 formula that promises to tighten pores and boost radiance, protect from damage caused by pollution and brighten and detoxify your skin, all in just 10 minutes. Sounds pretty incredible, right? So what did it do for me?

I felt too awkward to just stare into the camera unable to move my face…

I have combination skin really; it’s dry in some places and oily in others. I get a few spots on my chin and have blackheads on my nose – concealer is my bff, so I was like a moth to the flames with this product and couldn’t wait to give it a try. After sitting on the skin for a few minutes, the mask hardens like regular face masks and sets to a paler colour, like this:

Again, too awkward to not go cross-eyed!

I could really feel it working and see it drawing some of the blackheads out of the skin on my nose, so felt really positive about its impact on my complexion. I was expecting to see major, clear results after washing it off and was all set to do a bare-faced celebration selfie, but in all honesty, my skin just didn’t look that different. That’s not to say this product doesn’t work because I definitely noticed an improvement in the texture and brightness of my skin – it felt SO smooth, but it was just nowhere near on the level of the women featured in the brand’s promo videos. Whilst some blackheads had certainly cleared, my cheeks and chin were still rather pink, my spots still looked a bit angry and I didn’t feel like taking a picture of my naked face at all.

Naturally, I was a little disheartened, but this is definitely one of those products that works better over time. The company advises you to use it 2-3 times a week if you have oily to combination skin, like mine; I’ve used it three times now and can definitely see a difference. It’s not noticeable enough to show up on my crappy iPhone 6 camera yet, but I do have fewer blackheads, my pores look less visible and my makeup is going on much smoother and seems to be lasting longer. If this product gets rid of my blackheads completely, it will become an absolute must-have because I’ve tried everything to be free of them! 

I love the feel of the mask when it’s on my skin, it’s like a little pot of luxury. It’s perfect for easing the stresses of the day away and it’s great to use right before applying your makeup for a night out to maximise the longevity of your look. But most importantly, when your skin looks clearer and healthier, you feel better about everything. At £39.90 a pot, it’s got to be pretty damn good, but I think it’s going to prove itself to be worth the price. It’ll last a few months, it comes with an adorable application brush and it’s helping my skin look better and better after every application. Okay, so I didn’t experience the crazy instant results seen in so many videos, but it’s certainly getting there for me and everyone’s skin is different. Long may it continue! 

Have you tried Sand & Sky’s Brilliant Skin Pink Clay mask? Let me know what you think in the comments below! And let me know if you want any further updates on this product – I’m still hoping for those miracle results after my next use. 

Thanks for reading, chums.

Much love,

Jess XO


  1. September 30, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    Hahaha, I love your pics! I got a sample in my Birchbox – loving it so far, might buy the full size 🙂 xxx

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