The Versatile Blogger Award | Nomination Excitement!

Hellooo, everyone! I hope you’re all fine and dandy. This is a rather exciting day and I’m incredibly happy and grateful to the lovely crafts QUEEN that is Katie Rose over at Katie Rose Loves, because she’s nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much Katie, it’s so lovely to have support on our little corner of the internet. Give her blog a gander folks, she’s a woman of many talents! 

What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

It’s a platform to share your love for 15 other bloggers. You’ve got to think about their content, photos and how their posts might make you feel. Once you’ve received a nomination, there are a few little rules to follow with your subsequent post:

1. You must thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog. 

2. You must nominate 15 other bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

3. Finally, you must share 7 facts about yourself. Easy peasy! 

Seven Facts About Me

1. I’m a massive animal lover and I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years. Also, I stopped drinking milk a year ago to reduce my consumption of animal products even further. Next stop, full vegan! Wish me luck…

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favourite TV show of all time. I’m obsessed with it and I know major GEEK level facts and trivia about it! 

3. I’m a black belt in Shotokan Karate. This may or may not be related to my obsession with a certain vampire slayer…

4. Books are my favourite thing; they make me oh so happy and I adore them. The feel of them, the smell, getting completely lost in another world, it’s just bliss! I’m collecting a clothbound series of Penguin Classics that are just stunning.

5. My childhood dream (and my adult one!) is to be a successful actress and writer. My degree is in Drama and after graduating, I did a course with the National Youth Theatre that was absolutely wonderful, but I’ve recently aged out of my membership! (?) I’ve just started a Playwrights’ Programme at a reputable theatre, which is so unbelievably exciting and makes me feel crazy happy.

6. I have an incredibly obsessive personality. If I like something, I LOVE it. If I read a book, or watch a film or TV show that I like, I’ll have to know tonnes of facts and trivia about it. If I like a colour, it takes over my whole wardrobe and home. If I like a particular celebrity/writer/musician/other public figure, I need to know all about them. If I want something to be a certain way, like my flat for example, I want it all at once (much to my boyfriend’s dismay!) and I’m ridiculously obsessive about cleaning. I sound like a bit of nightmare actually, don’t I?!

7. I LOVE dogs but because life is cruel, I’ve developed an allergy to them over the past year or two! WHY UNIVERSE WHY. It’s not severe enough to put me off getting one in the future, but it does limit the breeds I’ll be able to have. 

Who I’m Nominating: 

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And that’s all my nominations! I’m looking forward to finding out a little bit more about each of you and to see all the beautiful bloggers you nominate! This is such a brilliant platform to discover more like-minded folks and their interpretations of their interests, all while expanding our lovely space on this big ol’ web. 

Thanks for reading, chums! 

Much love, as always,

Jess XO


  1. October 17, 2017 / 11:32 pm

    Miniature Schnauzers and Poodles (other breeds like that) are hypoallergenic. It’s one of the reasons I got Oscar as I am severely allergic to dogs (and everything else) but life just isn’t worth living if I knew I could never have a dog 😉 Thank you very much for the nomination 😀

    • October 19, 2017 / 9:40 am

      Yaasssss, I have my heart set on a Cockapoo! ? you’re so right, dogs are the key to happiness in life! You’re so welcome ?

  2. October 25, 2017 / 3:37 pm

    Thanks for the nomination! Loved reading about you! (Also, you’re STUNNING). =)

    • October 29, 2017 / 10:32 pm

      Ahhh thank you so much, you beautiful thing! Keep up the fab posts ?✨

  3. October 30, 2017 / 7:40 am

    Omg!thank you so much for nominating me❤
    And Yey!Another Vegetarian?

    • October 30, 2017 / 10:07 pm

      You’re so welcome! Woooo veggies forever ???

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