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Hellooo, folks! I was lucky enough to be invited to a spiffing little evening at The Body Shop to try out some of their latest products! I took my trusty vlogging camera along, so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel to catch the products in motion later on. The Body Shop is one of my favourite haunts; their products are effective, reasonably priced and always cruelty free so I can shop happily and with ease. So what new offerings have they brought to the table?

Limited Edition Go Bananas | from £6

This fresh for the summer range is made with Community Trade organic banana purée and is 100% vegan, so it’s inclusive for all. The products have been formulated with bananas that aren’t so easy on the eye and wouldn’t sell in the food industry, meaning they’re not wasted and are put to good use softening our bodies! I’m not normally a fan of banana scented products as they can be a tad sickly, but these little gems are heavenly. There’s an underlying aroma of coconut that’s incredibly subtle, but definitely counteracts any sickliness that could’ve arisen with this range. The packaging is also a highlight, being one of their most playful and fun designs to date, so naturally, I bought everything…

Banana Shower Cream | £6

This foamy wonder lathers like a dream. It smells delightful, it leaves your skin feeling super soft and the fragrance is dizzyingly delicious! When I get out of the shower after using this, I could genuinely eat myself.

Banana Body Yoghurt | £8.50

I love the body yoghurts; they’re bloody brilliant for when you’re in a rush as they soak into the skin in an impressive 15 seconds, without compromising on moisture. I’m a tad obsessed and have tried British Rose, Mango, Strawberry and now Banana, which has fast become my favourite!

Banana Body Butter | £6 for 50ml, £15 for 200ml

This rich and sumptuous butter leaves your skin intensely moisturised for 24 hours. It’s great for dry knees and elbows – especially if the colour of your legs resembles a pint of semi-skimmed milk and you’ve taken to applying a bit of fake tan.

In addition to their Go Bananas range, The Body Shop have released a new mascara, which is 100% vegan (YAY!) and waterproof, made using Community Trade Marula Oil. It’s £11, but I have yet to try it. They’ve also added Brow Sport, a brow pen designed to carve and enhance your brow shape with a long lasting formula and precision tip applicator for added detail. There’s only two colour options, so I didn’t add this to my basket, but it’s a very reasonable £8.

The final treats we got a peek at were the gloriously scented Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Body Lotion (£9) and matching deodorant (£4), which were so divine, I could’ve rolled around in them on the floor of the shop!

As always, it was a beautiful evening at a wonderful store that leads the way when it comes to taking a strong stance against animal cruelty and being warriors for those without a voice. Keep fighting the good fight, Body Shop! What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. July 12, 2018 / 2:23 am

    Great post, Must have been a lot of fun going to that Body Shop event, I love their products too currently trying to use up some of their hand creams I’ve accumulated a few. I had no idea you had a youtube channel, I’m definitely going to check it out, I’ve been wanting to start one myself, I have most of what I need now so hopefully soon.

    • July 13, 2018 / 9:38 pm

      Thanks so much for reading! They’re great aren’t they? Ooh let me know when you start one up and I’ll check it out ☺️

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