V-Day Gift Ideas for YOU

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. That one day a year where you can celebrate with the love of your life, over indulge in heart-shaped chocolates and display badly written, soppy cards with no shame. It’s the perfect time of year to be in love. Only, it doesn’t always end up that way, does it? Social media has provided the perfect platform for people to share (cough, *brag about*) all the gifts their beau has bought them, or snap a shot of an extra AF bubble bath that’s ready and waiting for them after a long day at work, or the romantic display of rose petals that have been elaborately scattered on the table of a lovingly prepared home cooked meal. Now, these are all rather delightful things, don’t get me wrong. But has it become more about what one can show off, rather than actually enjoying a day dedicated to being loved up?

I love presents and frankly, any excuse to receive a gift or indulge in more chocolate is seized upon by me. But why just on Valentine’s Day? And why do we have to share it with the world? Shouldn’t being in a happy relationship be more important than receiving a box of chocolates or some new lingerie? And what about those who aren’t in a loving relationship? Those that have just broken up with someone, or those who (like me) are still a tad stretched for cash after going completely bonkers over Christmas and in the January sales? Why do we need one day of the year to force our other halves to treat us to something we might not necessarily want, just because it’s heart-shaped of covered in sickly declarations of love? I love a celebration, I really do, but I think, this year, we ought to be celebrating and indulging in self-love. No matter what your relationship status, take this day as your excuse to pamper yourself, treat yourself and to love yourself. Share that all over social media. Here are my top ideas for gifts for you to enjoy:

A New Book

Cosy up under a blanket, shut yourself off from the world and get lost in a new book. No doubt there’s a book on your shelf waiting to be read, or you’ve been eyeing one up in Tesco whilst doing your weekly shop, so just get it. Turn your phone off and relax.

Your Favourite Treat

You don’t need a special day to allow yourself to eat your favourite treat, nor do you need someone else to buy it for you to make it seem acceptable. Life is too damn short; buy the tub of Ben & Jerry’s (my personal favourite), eat a block of cheese with a packet of crackers (my dad’s personal favourite), get a sharing bar of chocolate and eat it all yourself (erm, hello Galaxy), get a damn Caterpillar cake if that’s your thing – just abandon yourself to the pleasure of food and feel zero shame or remorse.

The New coat/bag/shoes/dress

I’m sure you’ve seen something delightful hanging in a shop window and gazed longingly at it for an inordinate amount of time, until the security guards started staring suspiciously at you (or was that just me?), so now’s your time. Don’t wait for someone else to get it for you, take yourself into the store and buy it! You’ll have no regrets.

Netflix and Chill

Seriously, no euphemism here. That TV series you’ve been wanting to binge (I highly recommend The Good Place), the latest true crime documentary (because we’re all far more morbid than we care to admit), or a trashy film you’d never normally make the time for; give yourself a few solid hours of (literal) Netflix and chill – I guarantee you, you’ll feel all the better for it.


Who said someone else had to buy you fancy lingerie? Sometimes, wearing new and gorgeous lingerie just makes you feel pretty darn good. That’s not to say it has to be fancy, of course. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate lace basque or a matching set from Victoria’s Secret, it could be a new sports bra, a set of knickers or a new t-shirt bra (who else wears their bras until they essentially fall apart?); underwear is something we often fail to treat ourselves to (mainly because bras are ridiculously expensive), but if you want a new addition to your lingerie drawer, go for it. And if you do want to rock a basque, then you do just that, my friend.

Whatever your romantic situation, don’t let yourself feel inadequate this Valentine’s Day. If you’re loved up and want to splurge on romantic gifts, then that’s your right. If you’re the kind of couple who don’t really celebrate V-Day, then that’s fine and dandy too. Similarly, if you’re single, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this day. Love yourselves and find your joy – you’re in a relationship with yourself a lot longer than you’ll be with anyone else.

Thank you so much for reading, folks!

Much love,

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