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My July Favourites

Hellooo, everybody! I was going to write about my June favourites and then realised it’s almost August (oops), so thought I’d combine the products I’ve been loving over the past two months. I can NOT believe it’s almost August! I’m off on my jollies tomorrow, so may not be posting for a couple of weeks… Continue reading My July Favourites

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REVIEW | Spectrum Collections, The Glam Clam

It’s no secret that I’m a little bit obsessed with mermaids, so when I first set eyes on Spectrum Collections’ Glam Clam, I fell in love instantly and was obsessed with getting one for myself. And I mean crazy, Fatal Attraction type obsessed, to the point that I genuinely bombarded family members and my boyfriend… Continue reading REVIEW | Spectrum Collections, The Glam Clam